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Spiritual Services


Ruth Carter

Spiritualist Medium

I am a spiritual person, who enjoys working with Angel cards and Crystals. Over the years I have developed my interest in the psychic world and I read Angel cards for those who need spiritual guidance.

I wanted to develop a shop full of spiritual and Wiccan items etc. I have sourced my items carefully and would love to share them with you.


I am offering insight through angel card readings via face call, for £30 for 45 mins (in-depth reading), I also offer a mini reading via a typed message service for £10, or £15 face to face (not in person) aprox 20 minutes (please note this is not in-depth)

I also offer a basic introduction to mindfulness (the first session is free of charge) subsequent sessions to be discussed according to your needs. 

 If you would like a reading please contact me and I will add your name to my list.

Payment is to be paid before your reading by bank transfer only.

Clive Carter

Reiki Master

I am a Reiki Master and I try to practice seated Reiki wherever possible. 

I am still growing spiritually and I have an interest in ancient and druid mythologies.

I cast runes and offer insight and I also like to use a pendulum when working with Angel cards

Distance Reiki - £20

Seated Reiki - £25 for 30 mins - {unavailable due to Covid 19)

Payment is to be paid before your reiki by bank transfer only.


Michaela Carter

Eclectic Witch & Wiccan

{Fraya Elvenna}

Greetings, I am Michaela (Fraya) an Eclectic Witch & Wiccan, who has been practising the craft for a few years now, every day I am learning and growing to my full potential so that I may help others on their journey through the universe as best as I can.

My spiritual abilities are that I am a Claircognizance, meaning that I know things without having a reason for knowing like a strong gut instinct, I am also a Tarot Reader who likes to offer insight to those who seek it, so that it may offer help and guidance.

I am offering a

A 3 Card Reading - (Not in Depth) for 10 - 15 mins

for £10

or £25 for 30 mins in-depth reading

Payment must be made before readings via Bank Transfer Only.

Please contact me via the website or our FB group to add your name to the list.


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